Sustainibility, a natural attitude


Sustainibility, a natural attitude

Our relationship with the Earth is authentic and can only be based onrespect. Our vision inspires us to make use of the latest technologies while always keeping eco-sustainability firmly in mind. For many years, we have been using biomass energy both for the boilers and the refrigeration systems in the cellars. And we have also adopted intelligent solutions to minimise power consumption, while also optimising the production process.
Our choice of suppliers is also judicious and consistent with our philosophy: certified raw materials, highly skilled staff, and a healthy lifestyle in harmony with the land that is so dear to us and that we do all we can to protect. This is of course helped by being at a good distance from any large towns. Sustainability may be a buzzword, but for us it is a natural choice. Find out with us:

Energy from Biomass
Lightweight bottles
Biodiversity certification

Wine production

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